Network Hardware

We have the high performance equipment you need to build a fast and reliable network.

If you want a network that reliably supports the operations of your business, then you need the right hardware. Netprotechs is here to help. We provide all the equipment needed to set up a network or improve your existing infrastructure. 

Network Hardware

A network is nothing without hardware and there are an array of options to choose from. A common mistake many organizations often make when building a network is exclusively looking at the latest and greatest equipment. Sure, you can end up with a lot of great pieces of equipment this way, but what are you going to do when those pieces don’t fit together?

When it comes to network equipment, you want to prioritize finding hardware that makes sense with your infrastructure and goals. Here is where the Netprotechs team comes in. Our IT experts take the time to understand your business and its technical needs. Leveraging this information, we are able to identify appropriate IT solutions that allow you to make smarter decisions regarding your network.

Why Partner With Netprotechs?

Netprotechs is a full service IT provider that believes in user-friendly IT solutions. We’re committed to making IT simple and helping your company succeed through technology.

Purchase Wisely

At Netprotechs, our goal is to assist you in making the best purchase decisions for your business and the customers you serve. That’s why our IT experts work hard to assess the state of your infrastructure. This allows us to see where your IT environment is lacking and pinpoint areas for improvement. 

After we assess your needs, Netprotechs is able to create a networking items list that narrows down the best equipment for your facility. From there, we provide all the information you need to pick the right hardware for your business. Once we set up your network, we can manage it for you with our managed network services.

Managed Network

Network management is a service we offer at Netprotechs to make maintaining your network easy. Our team does everything to keep your network running smoothly including ongoing maintenance, optimization, monitoring, and security. This is all aimed at proactively preventing problems and minimizing network downtime. 

What Small Business Network Equipment Do I Need?

At minimum, a small business requires a modem, cabling, switches, and routers to create a sustainable network. 

  • Modem: A modem is what allows bidirectional communication between your internet service provider (ISP) and the devices in your network. Your ISP usually provides this instrument when you sign up for service. However, Netprotechs is able to help you purchase one that’s capable of keeping up with the data demands of your business.
  • Cabling: If you want your devices to have a direct connection with your modem, then you need ethernet cables. Most current day modems use category five or six cabling. Depending on your needs, Netprotechs can help you find ethernet cables of varying lengths and colors.
  • Switches: This technology facilitates communication by connecting all the devices in your network. Simply put, the switch enables connected devices to share information with each other. The switch is a necessary part of a small business network and Netprotechs is ready to help you find one.
  • Routers: If you’re looking to grow your network, then you need a router. Similar to how switches connect devices, routers connect switches together to create a larger network. With a router, you can connect networks in a single location or across multiple branch offices. Get in touch with Netprotech to get a blazing fast router that can enhance your business. 
  • Patch Panels: If you have numerous devices that need a wired connection, a patch panel is a great solution. In addition to offering more ethernet ports, it provides a neat, simple, and easy to manage direct connection solution. Perfect for larger environments, the Netprotechs team can equip your facility with this solution.

How Many Routers Do I Need for a Small Business?

A common question we often hear is, “How many routers does my office need?” The answer is that it depends on the size of your business. When building a network for a small business, you are going to need one or more routers.The average router can cover around 5-10 work spaces. 

Enhance Your Business

At Netprotechs, we’re dedicated to delivering the high quality services your business needs. That’s why we offer a wide selection of services and custom tailor them to fit with your business. Contact us today to get solutions that can help you overcome your operational challenges. 

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