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Our Cloud Security Solutions

At Netprotechs, our managed IT services work better together, and our approach to cybersecurity is no exception. Our experts take a layered approach to assessing and defending your network, so your organization avoids focusing all your security strategies in one area while ignoring other vulnerabilities. In the past, you may have struggled to achieve sustainable network security budgeting due to the unpredictable nature of upgrades, updates, and infrastructure changes.

We absorb the burden of those unexpected technology costs, packaging all the security strategies you need to secure your network at every level for one fixed monthly fee. That way, your team stays focused on core responsibilities while we take care of updating, securing, and monitoring your system.

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Schedule a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to Identify Vulnerabilities

What are you already doing right and what could you be doing better? Schedule a risk assessment with our experts to find out.

A Comprehensive Approach to Strategic Threat Management and Security

The team at Netprotechs helps businesses implement comprehensive security platforms from the ground up as well as bolster their current strategies with a managed service approach.

Network Security

Our experts take a layered approach to securing your small business’s network. By balancing strategic threat management with your security budget, we help you identify network threats and vulnerabilities that pose the largest risk to your operations. Once we’ve clarified the risks, we help you implement strategies to proactively counter intruders or malicious actors.

Real-time network monitoring stands at the core of our approach to protecting your organization. Our experts keep an eye on your network around the clock, even when nobody else on your team is, so you never have to worry about starting your computer up in the morning, only to discover your network has been compromised.

Data Backup and Recovery

Netprotechs combines the reliability of a comprehensive data backup platform with the practicality of a concrete data recovery plan to quickly get your organization back up and running following a disaster. Since we understand that you don’t have an unlimited budget, we start by assessing the threats most likely to harm your business and pinpointing how long a system can be down before it impacts your bottom line.

With these insights, we customize a data backup and recovery (BDR) solution that makes the most of every dollar you spend to protect your information by leveraging on-premise and cloud-based backup systems.

Network Security Compliance

When you operate in finance, healthcare, or another regulated environment, Netprotechs has the expertise to support your network’s compliance requirements. We first deploy a compliant system and then help you maintain compliance as technology evolves and regulations change.

We have hands-on experience helping organizations navigate common regulatory frameworks like HIPAA, PCI, and NIST while balancing the differences between network security and network compliance.

Whether you rely on an on-premise network, cloud-based network, or both, Netprotechs provides a comprehensive cloud security solution to achieve compliance today while remaining compliant tomorrow.

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