Microsoft Azure Services

Improve your resource management, agility, and flexibility with Azure

Many organizations are turning to cloud services and the number is only increasing. This upward trend of cloud adoption reflects how the business landscape has changed over the years. There are just too many benefits cloud computing offers and businesses can no longer ignore it. One of the most preeminent cloud services on the market today is Microsoft Azure.

What Are Microsoft Azure Services?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing service built for organizations in a variety of industries. It offers over 200 products and cloud services to help organizations solve today’s business challenges. With this cloud solution, users gain access to software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Additionally, Azure supports varied operating systems, databases, and developer tools.

Set up Azure for your office today with the help of Netprotechs’ Azure specialists!

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Azure Migration Services

Netprotechs can help you migrate your information to the Microsoft Azure data center so you can start taking advantage of Azure as soon as possible. To start the process, our team performs an assessment to ensure your infrastructure is ready for migration. If your infrastructure is compatible, our team guides you through the steps of implementation.

Managed Services for Microsoft Azure

We optimize Azure to fit with the demands of your existing infrastructure through proactive monitoring and management. Our team also provides recommendations to improve your IT environment and get it ready to evolve as your business grows.

Unlock the True Value of Your IT With Microsoft Azure

Azure allows your business to use its many services to make your IT infrastructure more flexible and streamlined.

What Can Azure Do?

At Netprotechs, we work with your team to make sure you can use Azure to its fullest. Here are just a few of the most popular services that come with Azure and how we can help you leverage them:

This service helps you develop, deploy, and maintain various applications on the Azure platform. A few examples of applications include Azure AI, Azure Analytics, and Azure Internet of Things (IoT).

With Azure, you can store and manage data on the cloud. Azure Storage, in particular, gives users secure and scalable cloud storage for structured and unstructured data.

Microsoft Azure offers multiple development tools, like Azure DevOps, and services that enhance your software development and deployment process.

Hosting services allow your application workloads to run seamlessly. For instance, Virtual Machine (VM) is an on-demand, scalable resource that doesn’t require hardware to implement.

This refers to networking operations within Azure and between Azure and your on-premises infrastructure. A popular app for this service is Content Delivery Network (CDN), which provides high bandwidth to reduce the download time for large files.

What Are the Benefits of Azure?

Cost-Effective Subscription


Zero Hardware



High Availability

Simplify Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can be difficult and full of risks. At Netprotechs, we help you create a plan and guide you through migration to guarantee success.

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What IT Problems Can We Solve for You?

Netprotechs protects your ongoing success by solving your IT problems today while helping you avoid the long-term pitfalls that most businesses never see coming.

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