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At Netprotechs, we strive to be more than the IT company you call when you run into network problems. Our experts are committed to protecting your business’s success with a reliable network platform that stands as the backbone of your operations. Whether your IT needs are as simple as requiring internet connectivity or as complex as hybrid cloud architecture, we customize the services you need while basing our recommendations on solutions that add measurable value to your business.

To build a trusted partnership together, we take the time to provide straightforward recommendations and then deliver the technology solution your business needs at a price you can afford. Because our experts go beyond your immediate needs and get to know your long-term needs and goals, we often solve problems you didn’t even know you had. You will come to look at us the same as you would any other in-house resource.

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We Start With a Complimentary Network Assessment

Since our best partnerships go deeper than solving immediate technology needs, the experts at Netprotechs first get acquainted with your team. We start with a conversation about what your technology platform currently looks like and what you want to accomplish. We get a feel for what you have—how many workstations you have, the location of servers and switches, and how your employees interact.

With a better understanding of your current technology environment, we sit down on your side of the table to share our insights and provide practical recommendations about what you could be doing better. No real-time network monitoring in place? We can help with that. Servers ripe for cloud migration? Our experts have a solution for that. Ultimately, all the recommendations we provide are solutions that empower your team to work more productively.

Our experts are committed to earning your trust from the moment you schedule an introductory consultation. You owe us nothing as we show you firsthand how we can make your business better. By implementing those solutions, we truly partner with you to ensure your technology helps your business succeed.


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While we never turn potential partners away, we are always honest if we think another provider can better fulfill your needs than our team. We like to say that if it powers on, our clients call us, and if we can’t take care of it, we’ll recommend someone who can.

With that said, we’ve found that our managed service approach is exceptionally powerful for small- to medium-sized organizations in:









Print Shops

Trucking & Logistics

If you operate in another industry, we will strive to find a way to help you. No matter what industry you’re working in, schedule a complimentary consultation with us if you want to discover what more you can be doing to improve network reliability with our experts.

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What IT Problems Can We Solve For You?

Netprotechs protects your ongoing success by solving your IT problems today while helping you avoid the long-term pitfalls that most businesses never see coming.