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User-Friendly Cloud Migration Strategies

When you are thinking about moving some part of your network to the cloud, you first need to determine if your internal team has the resources, focus, and knowledge to make the migration as seamless as possible while harnessing the full power of public, private, and hybrid cloud resources. If they don’t, the experts at Netprotechs do. Here’s how we can help.

Simplify Your Next Cloud Migration

Just like real-world clouds, today’s cloud technology comes in so many different shapes and sizes that it can be a challenge to make sense of which options are right for your business. In addition, a move to integrate cloud services into your network comes with concerns about timelines, downtime, communication, and project management. If these issues have stopped you from making the move to cloud technology, it’s time to turn to Netprotechs.

Any cloud migration project, no matter the size, comes with many moving parts. From researching prospective vendors and designing your network architecture (or building one from the ground up), managing the process quickly becomes a full-time job in itself. The cloud experts at Netprotechs absorb that burden by taking a comprehensive approach to migration planning, execution, and project management.

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Cloud Migration Planning

When migrating to the cloud, many small and medium-sized businesses flounder at the research, planning, and negotiation stages. They either don’t build enough time for these stages into the project timelines and end up rushing through them or they skip past them altogether.

Our team makes sure you get research, planning, and negotiation right first before you move forward with your cloud migration project. We’re immersed in cloud environments all day, every day, so we already know which providers are right for your needs and we have the ability to leverage negotiations in your favor.

Migration Project Management

Once we’ve selected and negotiated the right cloud solution for your needs, our team then expertly migrates your current operations to the cloud. Whether you have an internal IT team or not, we can help core employees stay focused on daily responsibilities while we handle cloud migration project management.

A dedicated project manager coordinates between your team, our team, and cloud providers to keep migration timelines on track, provide necessary documentation, and ensure your services are delivered as agreed. That way, you can confidently continue business as usual while we take care of the rest.

Start Planning Your Next Cloud Migration With Netprotechs

If you are considering migrating your network to the cloud, simplify the first step by scheduling a complimentary cloud consultation with one of our experts today.

Database Cloud Migration

Is your business ready to make the most of your building’s space while deploying a more scalable infrastructure solution? Our database migration services offer an ideal solution. We can quickly migrate on-premise database servers to a cloud-based architecture to quickly free up space at your facility while immediately reducing operating costs. Whether you need to prioritize security with a private cloud, scalability with public clouds, or flexibility with a hybrid cloud model, Netprotechs can help you identify and deploy the right solution for your database needs.

Ready to Move to the Cloud?

Whether this is your first cloud migration or you’re a cloud veteran, Netprotechs guarantees to make your next migration go smoother than you ever thought possible. From preliminary planning to project management, our team takes on the challenges of migrating to the cloud so your team can focus on your core business.

Cloud Security Solutions

Once our experts have helped you migrate to the cloud, we can also defend your cloud network with a comprehensive approach to strategic threat management.

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Netprotechs protects your ongoing success by solving your IT problems today while helping you avoid the long-term pitfalls that most businesses never see coming.