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Technology touches almost every business interaction in today’s world, and without the right technology, those interactions either don’t happen or live up to their full potential. Netprotechs empowers your business to communicate and collaborate—both internally and externally—better than ever before with a customized network platform.

Our experts work with your team to understand workflows, team collaboration, client interactions, and the tools you already rely on to identify opportunities for improving efficiency while bridging gaps in communication. We leverage a full range of communication solutions, business phone system providers (including our own in-house solution), cloud technology, and collaboration tools to implement the ideal platform to overcome communication barriers while making the most of your budget.

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Whether the solution to your business communication needs is as simple as phones and email or as expansive as unified communications (UC), Netprotechs can help design, implement, and support the ideal platform. Plus, our managed service approach makes it easy to forecast your technology budget while ensuring your users always have access to the technical support required to use communication tools to their full potential.

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Our Business Communication Solutions

When you partner with Netprotechs, we customize a suite of business communication solutions around your needs, including:

VoIP Solutions

Netprotechs supports a full range of VoIP phone solutions, including on-premise VoIP, off-site VoIP, hosted PBX, and our own in-house solution. If your goal is to free your team from the constraints of physical phone systems following COVID-19, we can help with that. If you’d prefer to keep the simplicity of desk phones while leveraging the latest voice services, we simplify that as well.

Our experts specialize in email solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. Whether you have 10 or 150 users, Netprotechs help you identify the most cost-effective email hosting solution for your business while aligning that solution with your long-term technology and infrastructure goals. We also help you scale resources as your organization’s needs change.

Business Phone Services

Even with the right business phone system, your system will ultimately underperform if you don’t pair your hardware or infrastructure with the right services. Netprotechs ensures that doesn’t happen to your team by developing a solution that matches the right phone services with your new or existing hardware to minimize network issues like latency, delays, and dropped calls.

Unified Communications

If your business is ready for a complete communication solution that integrates all of your phone, collaboration, email, and productivity tools with one seamless platform, Netprotechs simplifies your needs with our unified communications (UC) solutions. Instead of jumping between multiple applications for client communication and collaboration, all tools are accessible from one interface.

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