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User-Friendly Data Backup Services That Simplify Disaster Recovery

In today’s world, the data on your organization’s network has become too critical to risk losing when disaster strikes. On average, small businesses alone lose an average of $10,000 for each hour their network is down, and that’s all money you’ll never get back. Here’s how Netprotechs protects your organization against the threat of data loss and downtime.

The Netprotechs Approach to Backup and Data Recovery (BDR)

When you have an unlimited budget, you also have a virtually unlimited number of options for backing up data and eliminating network downtime in the event of a disaster. At Netprotechs, however, none of our clients have an unlimited budget. That’s why we start every BDR project by first understanding the systems that are most important to your bottom line. For each device on your network, we ask:

How long could this be down before it causes financial damage to your company?

With the financial implications top of mind, we build out a comprehensive BDR solution focused on your most critical systems and devices to make the most of your budget.

What does your current data backup and recovery platform look like right now? Whether you still back up data to external hard drives, or you’re already backing up to the cloud, Netprotechs can help refine your disaster recovery strategy to minimize network downtime and keep your business running, even following a disaster, with our two-part approach.

Part 1: Data Backups

After we’ve identified and ranked each element of your organization’s network, we next identify the best way to back that system up as cost-effectively as possible. While our experts can leverage both on-site and cloud-based backups, we’ve found that cloud backups are consistently more budget-friendly and reliable than on-premise systems.

Cloud backups are easier to scale as your backup needs change without requiring infrastructure upgrades. Plus, a cloud system isn’t vulnerable to on-site disasters like fires or theft. They also make it easier to automate backups, so you don’t have to worry about anyone forgetting a backup.

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Part 2: Data Recovery

Effectively backing up network data is only half the battle if you want to be prepared when disaster strikes. All those data backups won’t get you far if you don’t know how to recover them. That’s why our comprehensive BDR platform accounts for all the things that need to happen to get your network back up and running.

Our experts establish step-by-step processes for getting the mission-critical systems on your network restored as quickly as possible following an outage. When you lose data, we also streamline data restoration to get your team back to work and back in touch with customers.

Measure Downtime in Minutes Instead of Days With Netprotechs

Before partnering with Netprotechs, most of our clients measured network downtime in days. Now, we get them back up and running in a matter of minutes.

The Cyberattack Recovery Process

The best time to ask the question, “What should a company do after a data breach?” is before a data breach ever occurs. When organizations don’t ask this question beforehand, they inevitably put data at risk, and when cybercriminals exploit the opportunity, the company is left to pick up the pieces. The fallout of a cyberattack can include the costs associated with network downtime, money paid directly to criminals, noncompliance penalties, and even settlement money if your business is sued.

When you start asking what they should do after a data breach before a breach ever occurs, the question is much easier to answer. First, you’re in a position to proactively mitigate the risk of a cyberattack with real-time network monitoring, which can avert a breach altogether. On the off chance that a malicious actor attacks your network, Netprotechs quickly flags and isolates the activity to keep your broader network protected, simplifying the rest of the cyberattack recovery process.

Cloud Migration Experts

Are concerns about cloud computing holding you back from backing up data? Our cloud migration experts are here to answer your questions.

Ask the Right Questions Before Disaster Strikes

If you’re already thinking about what you would do in the event of a disaster, you’ve taken the fundamental first step to protecting your network. Now, it’s time to take the next step by partnering with Netprotechs. We help you identify mission-critical systems and customize a BDR solution that makes the most of your budget. Get started with a complimentary consultation today.

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