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  • What do we do?

    To put it simply, we maintain your networks stability. With networks getting more and more complicated, and technology getting more and more sophisticated, we let you breath easy take the burden or network management off your hands. With our slew of solutions tailored to fit your needs, there really is nothing we cant do to keep your network up and running. Offering offsite backup, Anti-Virus, emergency support, 24/7 workstation and server monitoring, disaster recovery, network documentation, VoIP services and a live Help Desk, we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible experience to you and your network. With your solution being just a call away, we truly are User Friendly.

  • What are "Managed Services"?

    “Managed services” is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses….. What dose that mean for you? Well, in simple terms, we manage your network so you don’t have to. Providing offsite backup, remote support, Anti-Virus, emergency support all while continuously monitoring the devices on your network. That is what “Managed Services” means to us.

  • Does netprotechs offer onsite and remote services?

    Yes, we offer onsite and offsite services to fit your needs. Weather you need us onsite to fix a broken PC or need us to remote in and fix that strange email issue, we can do it. Were are here to fit your budget a well, so next time one of your workstations acts up, give us a call! We will get you back up and running in no time.

  • Does netprotechs offer emergency (after-hours) services?
  • Does netprotechs offer backup and disaster recovery solutions?

    Yes, we do offer backup solutions and disaster recovery plans. We all know that life happens, and generally, life happens when we least expect it. So Netprotechs is here to put you mind at ease with our Disaster Recovery Plans and Backup Solutions. Utilizing industry leading backup software and tried and true disaster solutions, we can get even the most complex network backup in no time.

  • Will netprotechs support a network following HIPAA compliance?

    Yes, we follow HIPAA to the strictest sense. Weather you need to adhere HIPAA Title I or Title II, we make sure we follow the guidelines of all HIPAA Titles to ensure the privacy and security of your clients.