Financial Firms and Accounting

Your Business Never Stops, Why Should We?

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We all know accounting is important. So when a network tragedy hits an accounting firm of CPA office, downtime is not an option. Netprotechs is committed to keeping our clients networks up and running, no matter the circumstance. Your business never stops and neither do we. With live monitoring of workstation and server components, we can prevent hardware failure before it happens.

We take your security seriously

Thats why we use industry leading anti virus and malware protection form Webroot. Pair that with the award winning network security provided by SonicWall, and theirs nothing that will get in your way.

Your work is important

Shouldn’t your IT company think so too? Netprotechs treats your network as if it were our own. Utilizing the best in firewall protection provided by SonicWall and our fully staffed Help Desk monitoring you network…. There is no reason to be down again.

Accounting software? No problem...

Our technicians are trained in the industries leading accounting software so you can trust netprotechs to keep you up and running. We can even help you migrate from one software platform to another. Let us handle the hard stuff, you are busy enough.

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